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St. Tommy More Basketball Player Charlie Bell

Utopian Yearbooks

Thanks to the work of a Tommy More relative, Ed Callahan, of Bloomington, Illinois,
every Utopian Yearbook and a couple of editions of the Chelsea Review can be viewed
and enjoyed online. As you can imagine, each book took a lot of time to scan and post. 

Our Heartfelt Thanks Go Out To This Talented Guy!

Click on this link to visit Ed's website:


We Love West Catholic Girls
Many Golden Bears Dated — and Married — those lovely young women
from 45th & Chestnut. 

So it's only fitting that we include a link on our website to go directly to theirs:


2017 Communion Breakfast Photos

To view and download photos of the Communion Breakfast, copy this link and past it into your browser: 


It will open a site called DropBox. If you are not already a member of DropBox, it will ask you to join. It's free. You assign your own password. You can view the photos as thumbnails, click on thumbnails to enlarge, or click the "Download" link in the upper right corner to copy any selected photo to your computer or phone.